THE globalist view which is that of the French president and the EU, is to import cheap labour and goods from across the world. This has suddenly come at a huge disadvantage to the normal workers in a country.

The big businesses and their counterparts in government get cheap nannies and cheap labour. The wages are less than competitive; they are kept too low for most people in houses with families to live on.

This is not, repeat not, what a national government is for. Their job, before they gave away their authority to the EU was to legislate against such practices.

It is all very well for the church to ask for national reconciliation but their own silence on modern exploitation of the poor is silent on this truth.

The whole of France is in uproar against the globalists and so should we be until Bishops and clergy start reconciling the injustice done to the poor by the globalists. It will take a bit more than tone and language suggested by our own Bishop Nicholas.

Frances Howard