WITH over one million people marching through London, insisting we have a 'People's Vote' and over five million (and counting) signing the online petition, your Prime Minster (assuming she is still in place) has to now debate the subject of either revoking article 50, or allowing for a long extension to let us have our referendum.

Possibly a general election.

Potentially there would seem to be millions of people who ought to be Liberal Democrats, as they are the only political party who have pushed for a People's Vote. Working along side for example, the European Movement.

Jeremy Corbyn told his MPs, not to support a new Referendum. Whilst his deputy, is in favour!

As for the Conservatives, they are an embarrassment to us all. EU leaders found Mrs May impossible. As clearly she has lost the plot.

Vince Cable is stepping aside soon therefore an opening for someone else to be leader of the Liberal Democrats, and 'might' end up as your new Prime Minster.

All former Remain Members of Parliament should jump-ship, and they may find their constituents will now back them. They can forget their local associations, as they won't be then in that party.

As for the 'Independent Group'. Where are all those other MP's, they claimed were about to join them?

In the meantime, do not forget we have in some areas, local elections in May.

You could show your dislike of the Conservatives and Labour, through those.

Richard Grant