DESPITE great efforts by charities and the authorities, there seems to be an ever increasing number of people sleeping rough. We are informed that there is a place for everyone to stay and so we can only draw the conclusion that those who are out on our streets are there by personal choice.

As a caring society I feel that we must offer a further safety net to people who feel that they cannot live within the confines and rules of officially provided accommodation. I understand that there are not the numbers in Salisbury to qualify for a properly run night shelter but that is what is needed.

Budgets and people, even volunteers, are in short supply but it would not cost much for the council to site a portacabin or redundant mobile class room in the main car park. If the lavatory and wash basin in this were connected to the mains and a heater installed to keep the temperature above freezing then it would be a place where people could retreat.

Ideally it would be sited within view of a camera so that any difficulties could be sorted.

None of this solves the problem of why people are in such a plight in the first place but even in these cash strapped times we have to do our best.

Yours in hope

Anthony Male