IT is must be clear to everyone from John Glen's letters that he is a career politician who toes the conservative party line at every turn in the Brexit debacle.

However, one has to look at the wider picture to understand how Westminster really views places like Salisbury. On a simple investment basis London received economic development money of £3.2 billion of public money for regeneration between 1996 and 2001. One can see the fruits of this money all across London and it has been transformative. However, places like Salisbury and large parts of the rest of the country have received next to nothing.

In addition, the latest Brexit related bribe of a £1.6 billion fund, over a period of seven years is pathetic. Its way less than the money required and all across the South the funding will be appallingly low, probably less than £5 per head of population on average. Yes £5 per head. In the North East it will be £35 per head.

The heart of the matter lies in the proposed level of funding. Our politicians are grossly incompetent and our economic problems are down to them and not the EU. The EU in fact has been extremely keen on investing in all parts of Europe and the UK.

Every time I hear people blaming the EU for our problems, like austerity, I despair. The vast majority of our problems are down to our politicians, including John Glen, failing in their primary roles.

We have to stop blaming everyone else, and focus on the performance of our own politicians. Sovereignty was put down by many as the main reason for voting for Brexit. With such a bunch of incompetent UK politicians it seems a pretty lame reason.

Dave Woodcock