A SALISBURY bus operator has received an overall rating of 92 per cent for its customer satisfaction.

Salisbury Reds received the high score from watchdog Transport Focus, after customers using the bus were surveyed about the company last autumn.

Customers were asked to rate the convenience, punctuality, service, comfort and condition of both the vehicle and the shelter.

Sixty six per cent of customers in the survey were very satisfied with the bus service.

Salisbury Reds managing director, Andrew Wickham, said the score has improved by four per cent over the past year, adding: “It’s great that local people think so highly of us.

"We have made a significant effort, working closely with the local authority to ensure our customers enjoy more reliable and higher quality services here.

“There is always more we can do to make travelling with us an even more pleasurable experience - the the latest Transport Focus survey will help us work to identify any further areas of improvement.”