A NEW choir is being launched to help youngsters combat anxiety and stress.

The Harmony Collective is for children aged 11 to 18 and has been created by Lilli Badcock, the owner and vocal director of The Evolution Choir and host of The Confidence Academy Podcast.

Lilli said “I had been thinking about creating something like this for a while. Having run Evo for over 13 years now I have seen first hand the power of bringing like-minded people together through singing.”

Lilli is a confidence coach and professional singer who has had first hand experience of anxiety herself.

She said: “I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder back in 2013 and I quickly discovered that singing was a great way for me to manage the symptoms. It’s not that singing can necessarily cure the anxiety, but it helps you to feel better and then from that place you can often find the solutions you are looking for.”

The Harmony Collective opens its doors tomorrow (Monday, April 8) and kicks off with a special five day workshop series which runs from 6pm to 7.30pm at Salisbury Arts Centre.

Lilli will be teaching the group one of her popular vocal arrangements while also offering support and guidance about managing stress and anxiety.

To sign up or for more information visit evolutionchoir.com, call Lilli on 07891146485 or email lillibadcock@gmail.com.