A MASTERCHEF semi-finalist from Wiltshire has teamed up with head chefs to create a range of vegan desserts.

From salted chocolate fondant to cardamom, vanilla and blood orange rice pudding, Alexandra Talbot from Hindon has helped customise a limited edition plant-based pudding menu for a selection of Fuller's restaurants.

The 'queen of desserts' has been collaborating with chefs including David Green of The White Hart (Stockbridge) to make the menu a reality, boasting both traditional and exotic sweet dishes.

Alexandra, David and Jamie Stone of The Holly Bush in Hampstead, brought the treats to life at the Hampshire Newlands Cookery School last month, and they are now being served in The White Hart.

Alexandra said she is "delighted" to be working with Fuller’s on the development of the vegan dishes, adding: "Some people are afraid of veganism as it appears quite limited, but I think what Fuller’s and I have done as a team is create well-loved, well-known dishes that are suitable for all, with no limitations."

Foodies can now enjoy raspberry cashew mousse, lime and coconut panna cotta, strawberry trifle, raspberry mille-feuille, jaffa cake, salted caramel and apple strudel and millionaire shortbread at the Stockbridge pub.

Alexandra added: “The vegan movement is now very strong, with many individuals choosing to have a meat-free eating day a week.

"I have been a pescatarian for almost 30 years and remember how hard it was to find something on a menu when I went out.

"I think we all have a responsibility to give people choice and food needs to be interesting and accessible to anyone, whether you eat meat or not.”

The puddings will feature on The White Hart's menu for the next six to eight weeks.