A NEW police dog (PD) has joined the security team at Porton Down, after passing tests with flying colours.

PD Meti joined the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) this month to provide security at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), after eight weeks of rigorous training.

The German Shepard became a licensed PD after being tested in a range of skills including tracking, searching for stolen property, agility, and searching for offenders and missing persons.

Additionally the two-year-old was tested in how he responded to and obeyed his owner's instructions.

To even be considered by MDP, PDs must complete a minimum of 80 hours training.

PC Richard Burley, who is Meti's handler and has worked with PDs for 30 years, described what he does as "the best job in the world", adding: "We form an incredibly close bond with the animals and it is a partnership based on mutual trust.

"Not every dog will make the grade and I’m chuffed that all the hours of work have paid off. Special thanks to our MDP trainers who get the best out of us all.”

Chief inspector from Dstl, Rodger Robbins, added: “The dogs provide an essential capability for the force and are instrumental in preserving the security of Dstl.

"We’re delighted to welcome PD Meti to the MDP.”