IT'S meant to be a tranquil village, where locals can go for an evening stroll or pop to the shop for a pint of milk.

But now, a trio of rogue geese are "causing havoc" in sleepy Upavon, with children being bitten and cars getting attacked.

The south Wiltshire village is normally known for sharing its streets with the water-loving birds, but now local councillor Mandy Wernham is getting in help after the unruly geese arrived recently.

She claims they have been witnessed biting adults and children, attacking other animals, and also chasing and pecking at cars.

And despite concerns being raised to the parish council, residents do not know how these new geese appeared in Avon Square.

Because two of the three birds have been tagged, Cllr Wernham, who lives in the area, thinks the trio were dumped in the village hoping to blend in with the rest of the resident gaggle.

Cllr Wernham said the geese arrived in the village around four weeks ago and have been "causing havoc" in the area and "terrorising residents" since.

She added: "We don't know where they have come from, but they are chasing people, attacking people, even chasing moving cars down the street."

Cllr Wernham has appealed for residents to not feed the geese, and a farmer was set to take them away from the village later today (April 12).

Cllr Wernham added: "It has been so distressing for residents. Some people may see it as funny but that's just because they haven't been bitten yet.

"These geese are stopping everyday business, and if they're in front of your home there is no way they are moving."