SWASTIKA-style symbols were spray painted on a notice board in a south Wiltshire town.

Now police are appealing to the public to help find those responsible for drawing the symbol, which has associations with racism and antisemitism, in Amesbury Taking to social media site Facebook, Amesbury Police condemned the vandalism which occurred on April 6.

The symbol was made famous as the emblem for Germany's extreme far-right Nazi party - led by Adolf Hitler.

The post said: "Does anyone have information about who is responsible for this mindless act of vandalism?

"It is believed the vandalism of a notice board in Church Street, Amesbury, took place in broad daylight on April 6."

The damage has since been cleaned off.

Anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area between 8am and 5.45pm, is asked to call 101 and quote crime reference number 54190033558.