A SALISBURY-BASED disaster response charity has been targeted for a second time by “thoughtless” vandals.

One of Serve On’s vehicles was pushed down a hill into a fence causing a large dent at the charity’s training area in Chilmark over the weekend of March 22 and 23.

The van was badly damaged last summer and had been taken off the road but the charity had been using it for road traffic collision training.

Serve On’s operations manager Craig Elsdon said: “We are having to divert resources to this. We want to be able to train to save lives not volunteer time to deal with this.

“There is no need for it to happen.”

Previously, paint was thrown over the vehicle and the windscreen and windows were smashed. Vandals also ransacked the inside, taking a radio and a battery and smashing the fuse box.

A training rig was also damaged and a window of its training classroom was smashed.

In a letter to the vandals, Craig said: “We’d really like to help you make some good decisions, the sort of decisions that could help you go further in life and feel good about yourselves.

“Before that, we need to let you know the impact you are causing and to who.

“The area and equipment you damage has been paid for by generous donations from the public who support our work. We are a charity.

“Our members raise the money to pay for this training and equipment by using their own time and effort, so it is hugely frustrating when some of that money has to be spent replacing things that have been broken by thoughtless acts of petty vandalism.

“Your actions may seem fun to you but they have consequences.

“The extra money we are having to put into security is diverting money away from other projects.”

He added: “All is not lost. You could just leave us alone, stop these acts and not risk getting caught.

“However, you could also join us and improve your own self worth, skills and experience. Our volunteers save lives, get qualifications, and do good in their community. You can be part of that.

“Why not be part of something rather than destroy it without a reason? It’s your call.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting 54190028743.