AS NEW electoral boundary lines are drawn up in Wiltshire, councillors have been voting on proposed new names for districts they are to represent.

While many names will stay the same, some areas, including Melksham and Salisbury, may see some changes.

The vote on the name changes was agreed 68 in favour, with two voting against.

Names will only change if the Local Government Boundary Commission for England agrees the submission from Wiltshire Council on future boundaries until 2024.

Motions were agreed by cabinet member for housing Councillor Richard Clewer for Salisbury Fisherton and Bemerton to be renamed  Salisbury Fisherton and Lower Bemerton and for Seend, Potterne and Poulshot to retain its name, after the council had proposed removing Poulshot.

Amesbury West could also be called Amesbury West and Bulford.

Councillor Christopher Devine proposed changing Alderbury and Winterslow to Winterslow and Alderbury, arguing that Winterslow was a more historic area. However his idea did not have a seconder and the amendment failed.

Amendments were also agreed from Councillor Jon Hubbard to make Melksham East become Melksham Sandridge, Melksham South become Melksham Spa and Melksham Bowerhill to become Bowerhill.

Melksham North could be Whitley, Shaw and Melksham Shurnhold, after councillors voted 31 to 28 to back the change.

Councillor Gordon King called for changes in Westbury to represent the history of the area.

He wanted to see Westbury East become Westbury Laverton, Westbury North become Westbury Ham and Westbury West change to Westbury Parks. However fellow councillors disagreed and the motion was not carried.

Councillor Fred Westmoreland said that changes to who represents areas will not prevent areas from being covered.

He said: “The fact some villages might now be represented by two councillors might be a bonus. The communities we support will not be changed, who represents them barely matters.

“Some will not like it if they have to move from one community area to another but they will get used to it. We need to get on with this and try and remember we are just people.”