A HAMPSHIRE vet, model and actress will be appearing on a TV show in a bid to find her perfect match.

Tired of online dating apps, Sarah Gold, who works in and around Stockbridge and Salisbury, will be featuring in the latest series of Blind Date.

Presented by Paul O'Grady, the dating show requires a member of the public to choose a blind date out of three contestants, based on answers they give to his or her questions.

The 34-year-old applied for the show last year, and described her time on the show as "nerve racking" but a "good experience".

She said: "The men on the show seem more genuine, and it feels a more genuine way of meeting someone. It was a better experience than online dating.

"I've been single for years, I've been on dates in that time but guys haven't lasted and I hadn't had much luck. I went on the show to find someone."

After filling out several forms and taking part in interviews via Skype, Sarah was originally chosen to be a reserve for the show.

She was then later picked to be one of the three women up front, hoping to finish her search for love and be selected by the dater.

She added: "It's a really hard show to get on, thousands apply and it's such a long process.

"Before the show I learned a few answers so I wouldn't have to worry, but the questions got changed so we had to rehearse new answers.

"Meeting Paul [O'Grady] was a highlight, we're both into animals so we got along really well."

When asked what viewers can expect from the show, Sarah said: "My journey can be followed which is nice, but carry on watching because there may be a little bit of drama."

Blind Date is on Channel 5 on Sundays, 8pm.