AN 11-YEAR-OLD who shaved her head has raised more than £1,000 in just two weeks.

Darcie Ive, from Salisbury, had been talking about shaving her head for a long time, but an old school friend getting diagnosed with cancer was what gave her the push to conquer the challenge for charity.

On Thursday (April 11) Darcie's long, thick hair was cut off and donated to the Little Princess Trust, who make and provide wigs free of charge to people suffering with hair loss.

"It feels really weird that I've done it, but I'm really proud," Darcie said.

Talking about before and after the head shave, Darcie's mother, Pippa, said she was "nervous but then proud", adding: "Darcie looks beautiful and she's done a beautiful act.

"Hair is a big part of our appearance so I was a bit concerned she might turn around and say 'What have I done?' but she is so brilliant and strong minded, and everyone has just been saying how much she suits it.

"You don't have to shave your whole head for the Little Princess Trust, but Darcie just decided to go whole hog to raise money."

Since launching the campaign two weeks ago, Darcie has exceeded her fundraising target of £1,000, and around £1,300 has been raised for the charity so far.

Pippa added: "It's amazing how much support she has got from people in the community."

To donate to Darcie's cause visit her Justgiving page.