A TALE of "great adventure" including a hot air balloon, train, boat and elephant is coming to Salisbury at the end of the month.

Around the World in 80 Days will be taking the audience around the globe in a race against time, as Phileas Fogg wagers his life's fortune that he will be able to complete the feat in time.

Alongside the mission of getting back to London, Phileas and companion lieutenant Passepartout will be taking on bandits, buffalos, storms and the rescue of a princess.

And Andrew Pollard will be playing the uptight main character for a second time, after performing in the same touring show a couple of years ago.

Part of an eight-strong cast who adopt 108 characters across 33 scenes, Andrew said: "[I'm] just delighted to do the show again, when we did it before a couple of years ago people loved it."

The cast had just one week of rehearsals and are now touring the country ahead of a season in the United States.

Andrew described the production as "fast-paced, visual and comedic", adding: "This is a story with great adventure, comedy, various countries and a nice love story.

"It's a really great story because it makes you appreciate the whole world, it shows not only the physical journey of travelling the world but shows the unlocking of Phileas Fogg and the moment he finally follows his eyes."

Andrew has been writing plays and pantomimes for the past seven years, including the next pantomime coming to Salisbury, Robin Hood.

"Kids and adults just love the panto, it's a quirky British tradition that is just part of our DNA," he said.

"The panto is just like a party because people have a buzz and it brings them all together - it's just two hours of fun and silliness.

"There is always a pressure to make each panto better than the year before, but they are just a delight to do."

When asked what to expect from Robin Hood, Andrew promised "adventure, a classic baddy, a real romp and a big reveal at the end".

Around the World in 80 Days will be in the Main House at Salisbury Playhouse from April 23-27.

Tickets can be booked by calling 01722 320333 or by visiting wiltshirecreative.co.uk