A STOLEN bank card was used to buy perfume after a purse was dropped in a Salisbury shop.

The purse, which was dropped in Robert Dyas, was picked up by a person who tried to use the card at a cash machine but was unsuccessful.

Then, using the contactless facility, purchased a bottle of perfume.

Police are looking to speak to the woman pictured in the CCTV who may be able to help with their enquiries into the incident, which happened at 12.45pm on April 2.

Contact PC Martyn Powell from Wiltshire South CPT on 101, quoting crime reference 54190032168. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Wiltshire Police say that "while the overall risk of fraud with contactless is low, vigilance is crucial in protecting your cards from unauthorised use".

It has released the following fraud safety advice:

  • Cards automatically come with a contactless facility but there is an opt out with many providers.
  • Anyone can use the contactless card without being requested for a pin number with a single transaction limit of £30. Anything over will this will prompt a PIN request.
  • There is no limit on how many of these transactions can be made daily, there may be a random request for a pin number if multiple transactions are made.
  • Speak to your bank/provider about the security of your cards.
  • As soon as you realise your cards are missing/stolen, contact the bank and report them stolen, this will prevent them being used and they will be rejected by chip and pin machines and swallowed by ATMs.

Advice for businesses:

  • Check and confirm the name of the person on the card with the person using the card and check that the back of the card is signed.
  • Look out for odd or furtive behaviour, such as taking the card out of a pocket when they have a wallet or handbag, or hiding/covering of the head or face when entering or exiting the store.
  • Good quality CCTV which provides a clear image of the suspect is very useful.
  • Please train staff to have a good understanding of and access to the CCTV system to allow for prompt acquisition.