FIND out more about the acts performing at this year’s Salisbury Live event.

Venues across the city will be hosting free events during the weekends of May through until June.


Salisbury Live venue/date: The George & Dragon, Saturday, May 25

Band members: Rich Wort (Drums) Adam Varney (Guitar/vox)

Best gig to date: The Hobbit, Feb 2019

Upcoming gigs: The Shooting Star, Southampton, June 29

Recording/releases: Guts Ep out May 2019. Album out Autumn 2019

Our act: We bring together elements of grunge and punk rock to create songs made up of big riffs, foot stomping beats with cutting irreverent lyrics. We play raw, loud and loose.


Salisbury Live venue/date: The Five Bells, Friday May 31

Band members: Cal, Harry, Luke, Pidge & Tina

Best gig to date: They’ve all been good

Upcoming gigs: @thefestival (Sals), Poole Boat Show, Qudos, Vdub fest

Recording/releases: Promos only

My act: The Roughcuts take inspiration (originals & covers) from many different genres of music - Eddie Cochrane to The Dead Kennedys to Glen Campbell to The Cramps. Come see this band…


Band members: Tushar Joshi, Dan Hayes and Olly Maw

Best gig to date: Glastonbury

Upcoming gigs: Beautiful Days Festival, Victorious Festival, Love Summer Festival.

Recording/releases album: Mayday (2017), Global Control (2015). Singles: All Day, Monsters Incorporated, Filthy.

My act: Taking inspiration from their hugely varying and vast record collections, Subgiant is the brainchild of Tushar Joshi, Olly Maw and Dan Hayes. Having been raised on a free range diet of Trojan dub, Norwegian disco, Detroit techno, Chicago house and Oxfordian Shoegaze!? the trio set to creating a live project quite unlike anything else.


Band members: Craig Butler (vocals and drums), Amber Coleman (vocals), Rich Watts (bass and backing vocals), Terry Taylor (guitar and backing vocals), Simon Dickenson (guitar and backing vocals).

Best gig to date: Salisbury Lights Switch on 2015 or supporting the original Status Quo drummer John Coghlan or The Bridge Music Festival Stockbridge

Upcoming gigs: April 27 – The Greyfisher, Salisbury, May 11 – The Talbot Inn, Calne, May 31 – Qudos Music Bar & Grill, Salisbury, June 1 – The Bishop’s Mill for Salisbury Live, June 7 – Radford Arms, Odstock, July 6 – Ebblefest Music Festival, Radford, July 7 – Music In The Park, Salisbury

Recording/releases: Uncovered August 2013, Unbreakable March 2014, Unleashed November 2015, Undaunted March 2017, Unscathed September 2018. There will be a new one this year.

My act: Break Cover are one of Salisbury’s premier classic rock covers bands. Featuring dual guitars, male and female lead vocals, and a feel-good, up tempo, sing-a-long sound like no other.


Band members: Davey, Bjorn, Steve & Kieran

Best gig to date: The Big Blue Bash

Upcoming gigs: Various parties, bars, weddings

My act: A rock ‘n roll tornado. Wicked indie/ rock covers. This is the world of Davey Jones and his rambunctious locker.

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