A GAME of Thrones inspired game has been launched by Wiltshire Police, to remind the public to be vigilant of burglars.

Game of Homes challenges residents to look after their 'castle' and test its defences against crime, and police hope the online quiz will encourage players to protect their real homes in the same way.

Superintendent Sarah Robbins, head of crime for Wiltshire Police said: “Whilst the Game of Homes is a fun and innovate way for us to raise awareness, here at Wiltshire Police we are under no illusion that most people don’t live in a castle and dragons and dire wolves are things of fiction.

“We do know the opportunist burglar is very real, and as the evenings become lighter, and the weather is nice these individuals aim to take advantage of those who have left their property insecure, and take what is not theirs."

To play Game of Homes click here.

Advice has also been issued by police to keep your 'castles' safe this summer:

• Lock the doors and windows every time you leave the house, even when just in the garden.

• Trim back any plants and hedges at the front of your property to no higher than one meter to remove hiding places.

• Consider defensive planting to create a physical and psychological barrier.

• Never leave a spare key in a hiding place like in a plant pot or letter box.

• Consider installing a burglar alarm, and only use a company that is registered or certified with the NSI or the SSIAB.

• Consider installing dusk-to-dawn lighting out the front of your property

• Use automatic timer switches to turn lights on when it gets dark, these can also be used to turn on other appliances such as radios.

• Ladders and garden tools should be locked away, as they can be used by offenders to gain access to your home.

• Take photographs of all jewellery including hallmarks and keep them safe.

• Register all serial numbers from electrical items, tools and garden equipment with immobilise.com.

• Ensure that all security products and service providers are Secured by Design approved.

Police and crime commissioner Angus Macpherson said Wiltshire is "one of the safest counties to live in" but warns people should not become complacent, adding: “Preventing crime is one of the key priorities I give Wiltshire Police; a priority which forms part of the Police and Crime Plan.

“Burglary affects how people feel in their own homes, a feeling which can remain long after the incident or possessions have been replaced.

“The public play an important part in crime prevention and if we all take a few simple steps, together we can continue to take action against this horrible crime.”

If anyone has information about offenders call Wiltshire Police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.