FOUR different takeaway restaurants around Salisbury have come together to help feed the homeless in the city, as part of a new charity scheme.

As of Friday, members of the public can now buy a special “Salisbury Community Food Voucher” at any of Chick ‘O’ Land, Charcoal Grill, Saray Kebab and Pizza, or Mani’s Food Bar, instead of giving cash.

Vouchers can also be bought by donating directly to the scheme online.

The restaurants are working with Encircles, a charity dedicated to helping the homeless, elderly, lonely and isolated, as well as orphans and the most deprived children abroad.

Austin Cohen, founder of Encircles, said: “The charity started this scheme out of love for the homeless in Salisbury, who were sleeping hungry.

“We already have four restaurants involved, one fruit and veg vendor and others in advanced talks.

“It will succeed because it has the backing of members of the general public who want to help the homeless and also to stop the begging for cash from some who use it to fuel their alcohol and drugs addictions.”

Mr Cohen added: “This scheme follows a track record of another successful project the charity started in the city over a year ago to provide free hot drinks to the homeless at various cafes in Salisbury.

“That scheme which started in Salisbury is now also in Ringwood, Bournemouth, Bath and Exeter and continues to expand.”

The vouchers can also be purchased for £5 at any of the restaurants, or via a GoFundMe page.

The restaurants will then reserve the vouchers and meals for the next homeless person who walks in with a specially issued “Please Feed Me” access card.

They can have any meal of their choice, regardless of price, when they show their access card.

This also prevents anyone from selling the vouchers on.

To buy a voucher, visit one of the restaurants, or go to, or