SALISBURY Cathedral was flooded with hundreds of personal treasures today as Antiques Roadshow came to the city.

From glass bowls to paintings, and vases to teddy bears, locals and visitors alike descended on the city to see what history their items held.

And in true Roadshow fashion, the hit BBC show brought the warm weather with it, as temperatures hit almost 20°C.

Thousands of antique lovers crowded around the tv show's experts to hear what treasures were brought along.

One of those unusual items seen was a "formidable" painting of woman in an evening dress, valued by expert Marc Allum.

Salisbury Journal:

The owner brought the picture from a charity auction at Pinewood Studios.

Marc asked the crowd: "So do you recognise this woman?

"It is Alastair Sim, the headmistress of St Trinian's.

"It's a brilliant, fun painting of an iconic individual which would be hanging in the background of many a St Trinian's movie.

"It is not about the artist, this was done probably by a jobbing painter at Pinewood Studios as a film prop.

"I think this is of interest to anyone interested in collecting film props."

However, his downplaying of the item was a stark contrast to the monetary figure he gave.

"I would say this could fetch between 2-3k at auction," added mark, to the gasps of the crowd.

It was the first time since 1990 that Salisbury had played host to the Roadshow.

Salisbury Journal:

Speaking to the Journal, host Fiona Bruce – who even laid a special Antiques Roadshow stone at the cathedral – said: "I have been to Salisbury before to make film documentaries but I have never been to Salisbury Cathedral.

“The spire is utterly astounding.”

When asked what gives Antiques Roadshow it’s longevity, she said: “I think it is because it could be anyone of us who picks something up from the shelf, or finds a treasure in the attic or a car boot sale which has an interesting story behind it or be of astonishing value. It really could be anyone of us.”

Fiona added: “I love antiques. Antiques Roadshow has entirely changed my shopping habits and that is not an overstatement!”

The show, which filmed two episodes during the day, will be broadcast later this year.