COUNCILLOR John Walsh has become the 759th mayor of Salisbury.

After a year of being mayor attending more than 200 events in and around Salisbury, today (Saturday, May 18) Councillor Mike Osment handed the reigns over to Councillor Walsh in the official mayor making ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by more than 200 civic dignitaries. Guests included mayors from neighbouring towns and cities as well as from Salisbury's twin city, Xanten in Germany.

The ceremony began with the civic party and their guests leading a procession through the city from the Guildhall to the St Thomas's Church, where the annual general meeting and mayor making ceremony took place.

Cllr Walsh, who has lived in Stratford-sub-Castle since moving to Salisbury in 1992, is looking forward to meeting lots of new faces and being invited to various events in the city, and has chosen South Wilts MENCAP as the charity the Mayor's Appeal will be supporting this year.

He said: “Like many ex-servicemen and women I settled in Salisbury in 1992, after touring the world with my parents and then with my own family. Salisbury’s citizens have made me and my family very welcome and in a small way I hope to repay that kindness by celebrating and promoting the city in every way I can in my mayoral year.”

“I have been associated with this marvellous local charity, which was founded by local parents 60 years ago, for more than 20 years and have been involved in several ways over that time. It gives me great pleasure to support them in their 60th Anniversary Year," added Cllr Walsh, who will be supported during his Mayoral Year by the Mayoress Carrie Walsh.

And in hopes to help Salisbury move forward during his time as mayor, Cllr Walsh has invited the public to all ask a friend or family members to come to the city, in hopes to both show off everything the city offers while increasing footfall and tourism.

The newly elected mayor said: "I very much hope to visit as many groups and organisations as possible in the city in the next year.

"It is not necessary to have some grand event, I and the mayoress are very happy to drop in to say a coffee morning. So do contact the city council and they will tell you the procedure for inviting the mayor.

"It is a real privilege to be the mayor in this wonderful city and I look forward to meeting you and learning about your lives."

The deputy mayor for 2019 – 2020 is Councillor Caroline Corbin.