A CONTEMPORARY art exhibition has today launched at Stonehenge, inspired by the discovered Neolithic tools and conversations with current trades people.

Linda Brothwell: Conversations in Making, is an exhibit in the English Heritage site, featuring 40 silver and copper vessels by the applied artist Linda Brothwell.

The exhibit invites guests to go back in time, with artwork displayed as a tribute to the traditions of tool use and vessel making in the area, both from Neolithic times and the present day.

Linda was first influenced by the natural materials found in the countryside around Stonehenge, as well as prehistoric artefacts from Wiltshire and Salisbury museums.

Additionally aiding her vision and craft, Linda also spoke to a vast selection of people living and working in and around Stonehenge and Amesbury, including a thatcher, tattooist, cobbler, key cutter and hairdresser.

Before the opening of the exhibit Linda said: “Often I work by first mapping a place; talking to people about what they do with their hands and with their days.

“Conversations in Making is my attempt to map Stonehenge and Amesbury by talking to the people who live, and have lived, here, whether through real life dialogues with local makers or imagined exchanges with the historical figures such as the Amesbury Archer.”

Once the exhibition has come to an end, the 40 objects will make their way to new homes to continue the conversation, including schools, libraries and eateries.

The exhibit is open daily at Stonehenge Visitor Centre until November 24.