VISIT Old Sarum this weekend and be transported back in time for Clash of the Romans.

English Heritage is holding the event this bank holiday weekend on Sunday and Monday.

It features the Ermine Street Guard, and two teams of Roman soldiers competing in contests of skill and strength for a celebration of all things Roman.

In Clash of the Romans Old Sarum will be transformed into an imagined training camp where Roman soldiers test their mettle in a series of drills and team contests throughout the day.

With muscle and mastery, two teams of Roman soldiers will compete in a series of challenges to be crowned victorious.

The teams will exchange blows with swords and shields, and showcase their prowess at archery and spear throwing.

There is also a packed programme of hands on fun and games including a Roman fire-breathing show. And budding young legionaries can test their skills in children’s drills, sign up for gladiator school, and take part in their very own chariot races.

Old Sarum was occupied by the Romans shortly after the Conquest of Britain in AD 43, when it became known as Sorviodunum.

The Romans will be setting up camp at Old Sarum from 11am to 5pm on Sunday and Monday.

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