A SALISBURY half marathon runner has challenged herself to take on the full Edinburgh marathon this weekend, in a bid to raise money for a Salisbury charity.

Tara O'Callaghan will be running 26 miles on Sunday to raise money for Elizabeth House Social Centre, so far raising £1,255 online.

In the lead up to the feat Tara told the Journal that a full marathon was the next step for her, inspired by first watching and then running the Salisbury Half marathon, and reading Alexandra Heminsley’s book, Running like a girl.

She said: "One of the most endearing aspects of taking up running has been seeing all the glories of Salisbury and its surrounding valleys through the seasons and in all types of weather.

"Weaving in and out of cul-de-sacs, along bridleways, around historic sites, along river banks, it's been an eye opening adventure and simply the best way to get to know your locality."

In preparation for the marathon Tara has been attending pilates classes, alongside taking nutrition and exercise advice from the sports department at Bishop Wordsworth's School.

After visiting Elizabeth House Social Centre on Exeter Street, Tara said: "I was keen to raise money for a local organisation where my meagre fundraising will make a small difference."

The centre provides a space that encourages people with disabilities to participate in social and leisure time activities.

To donate to Tara's cause visit her

fundraising page.