AFTER hour drinking sessions and police call outs has led to a Salisbury bar's alcohol licence being stripped.

@Home, on Bridge Street, will no longer be able to serve alcohol after Wiltshire Police pulled bar owner Louella Adamson before Wiltshire Council’s licensing committee to defend her venue.

@Home bar opened last summer and set out to become a "community hub", running events like baby yoga and knit and natter sessions.

However the bar has also become a popular hotspot for nights out, holding LGBTQ friendly nights, salsa classes and karaoke. It was described as Salisbury’s only dedicated LGBTQ bar.

Police said officers have been called out several times after disputes broke out, including one incident that is still being investigated. During one 999 emergency call out, bar staff and a member of the public was assaulted.

Police said the bar was not being managed safely and over Easter weekend revealed it had offered a deal for drinkers to buy 15 shots of absinthe for £20.

The bar has also been called a noisy neighbour by next door chain pub Wetherspoons with numerous free stays paid out to disgruntled hotel guests after the venue’s music could be heard pumping through the walls.

Miss Adamson runs @Home and spoke passionately about the hub she has created as a safe place for LGBTQ and vulnerable people.

She said: “We offer a safe place for people with learning disabilities and have a safe room for autistic children or adults to come in and relax. I don’t drink so I don’t want to go somewhere that isn’t offering me something new.

“There is nowhere else where every single day there is live entertainment. There’s nowhere else you can go and see a trapeze and that’s what it’s all about enabling, people to do new and creative things.”

People also spoke out in support of the bar, with 44 letters praising Miss Adamson’s work submitted to the licensing committee.

However the police said that she had failed to run the bar properly or hand over CCTV footage when requested and called for her alcohol licence to be taken away.

Susan Thurman-Newell of Wiltshire Police said: “Wiltshire Police is seeking revocation of the premise licence, as there is no confidence in the ability of the management to provide any demonstrable compliance.

“It is with regret that we make this statement as we do promote the community hub she is trying to run.

“There is a clear lack of management and individual responsibility.

“There are real concerns in relation to the implementation of Challenge 25 and the lack of any ID checks being undertaken.”

Solicitor Leo Charalambides speaking on behalf of Miss Adamson said: “She clearly has a very valuable impact on community. You’ve seen the 44 letters that highlight valuable benefits especially to older members, people with mental illness and the LGBTQ community.

“You don’t have an LGBTQ venue dedicated in your city, this is closest we have to such. You are limiting and undermining protective characteristics of a potential venue. You may be significantly undermining a gay safe space and you could end up with no such space.”

Wiltshire Council licensing committee revoked the licence during the hearing held today at City Hall, Salisbury.

It is not yet known if Ms Adamson will appeal the decision.