A SALISBURY teen has become the youngest ever pilot to complete a solo flight at a South Wiltshire flying club.

Toby Runyard, who turned 14 on the day of the feat, flew on his own at Upavon's Army Gliding Club Wyvern on Thursday.

The Bishop Wordsworth's pupil was sent up by experienced glider trainer Gerry Sturgess, who judged Toby to be ready to tackle the challenge by himself, following a year's worth of training.

Salisbury Journal:

Gerry admitted that he sat back and watched Toby's flight before proudly admitting the young teen made a "perfect landing".

After the challenge, Toby – who is also a Corporal in 1010 (City of Salisbury) Sqn Air Cadets – thanked the Caroline Trust (Launchpoint) and Dave Howell for the financial support that enabled him to achieve the feat.