A SALISBURY resident is continuing his fight to have problems with the newly installed bus shelters fixed – which he says are just “wrong”.

David Brown called for action over the shelters in Coronation Road, Devizes Road, Balmoral Road, Bishopdown Road and Herbert Road, which he said were “absolute rubbish” and “not-fit-for-purpose”.

He said there was a gap which meant people using the bus shelters were getting wet when it rained.

Speaking at an area board meeting on Thursday, May 16, Councillor Sven Hocking said: “We are looking at it.

“We are consulting with the people who made and installed them to see what we can do, possibly not increase the surface area over the top but certainly to see if we can block up the gap between the panel and the sides of the shelters.”

Mr Brown said: “So what have you actually done so far.You have gone to the manufacturer. Have you asked for it to be re-styled? It is just wrong. It doesn’t work.

Cllr Hocking added: “We are talking to the manufacturers to see if there is anything we can do.”