A SOLO exhibition by award-winning artist Diane Maclean has opened today (June 14) at Salisbury Cathedral.

Beyond is made up of eight large-scale pieces in stainless steel or feather-light aluminium sited.

Diane likes to place her work in open spaces, using reflective surfaces of stainless steel and colour created by natural light.

She said: “I see the materials themselves as an important element in my work.

"They dictate, in a way, how the work turns out. I try to bring their best qualities into view, in sculptures and installations that reflect light, are suspended, have moving parts and colour, and are therefore not static and unchanging.

"The science of the material also interests me - how a clear oxide layer on the polished surface of stainless steel produces colour that changes according to the angle of entry of light hitting it.”

Diane started out as a fine artist, painting portraits, and it was only in her forties that she changed course and went to study sculpture.

The cathedral’s visual arts adviser who curated the exhibition, Jacquiline Creswell, added: “Her sculptures are a response to a place, a theme or an idea. Working on a scale commensurate with the setting, she combines reflective surfaces and open structures to create strong visual connections to the context of the surroundings.

"The exhibition allows us to consider the purpose of a place like Salisbury Cathedral as a space to reflect and discuss the possibilities of what we might find when we cross over a threshold.

"The work extends a truly divine invitation to feel and sense much more than our everyday experience.”

The exhibition runs until Monday, September 30.