A “WAY FORWARD” is being looked at to tackle parking issues in Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge.

The matter was discussed by Fordingbridge Town Council last Wednesday at the Victoria Rooms.

Resident Mike Harley started a petition calling for action to make Salisbury Street safer, including 24 hour parking restrictions and provision of a space for deliveries. He said there could be as many as 12 cars parked along that stretch of road and if vehicles were parked there during delivery times the lorries would end up parking on the zigzag lines.

He said: “We have created a situation in Salisbury Street. It started getting safer, we have now created an absolute nightmare.”

He called on the town council to help residents “make it safe”.

Town council chairman Paul Anstey said a meeting had been held with New Forest District Council, adding: “We came away with a way forward. We are much further forward on a solution or fix to this than we would have been.”

During the meeting concerns were raised by residents over enforcement of restrictions. District councillor and Hampshire county councillor Edward Heron said officers issue “quite a lot” of tickets in the town and urged residents to report any examples, noting the dates and times, to the district council.

One resident said cars were “parked legally on the lines” and were able to park between 6pm and 8pm and all day on Sunday and raised concerns over the impact of 24 hour restrictions.

The meeting heard problems were also being caused by people parking by the Chinese takeaway and Tesco delivery lorries.

Another resident felt putting double yellow lines would “push” the problem to other areas. He also raised concerns about developments being allowed to be built with no parking.

Cllr Heron said: “We do have development with reduced or no parking. It is not something any of the councils want. It is something had we not approved would have gone through on appeal and we would have to pay costs for.”

Solutions suggested by residents included making the street one-way.