A FUNERAL for extinct animals was held in Salisbury earlier today, to raise claimte change concerns and plea for emergency action in front of city councillors.

This evening members of Extinction Rebellion Salisbury walked from the Poultry Cross to the Guildhall as part of funeral proceedings, dressed in black while carrying signs and a coffin, as a tribute to the thousands of insects, mammals, reptiles and more who get confirmed as extinct each year.

After walking through the city the group of around 40 listened to a speech given by Extinction Rebellion member, Elizabeth Roberts, before lying down for a 'die-in'.

The demonstration was held to not only highlight wildlife affected by climate change, but to urge Salisbury City Council to delcare a climate change emergency in the meeting immediately after. 

Wiltshire Council declared a climate change emergency in February.

One of the coordinators for Extinction Rebellion Salisbury, Sarah Prinsloo, said: "The climate is changing very rapidly as we speak, we are reaching the point of no return with regard to ice caps, and we soon won't be able to put the genie back inside the box.

"Things will get completely out of control if we don't act now."