A SMALL number of knives as well as Class A and B drugs were surrendered to police during the Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

They were deposited in amnesty bins at the entrance and random searches were also carried out by security staff.

These items included:

  • Sharp items, including two Stanley knives
  • Around 20 grams of cocaine and LSD (hallucinogenic drug)
  • More than 200 grams of cannabis
  • Around 60 tablets of various drug types
  • One small bottle of nitrite (poppers)
  • More than 30 nitrous oxide canisters
  • 31 grams of suspected MDMA powder

PC Russell Bolter said: “The amnesty bins are used to encourage people to voluntarily and anonymously surrender prohibited items such as drugs and weapons.

“As a result of this years’ amnesty bins during the Summer Solstice, several knives were surrendered including two Stanley knives. It is a criminal offence to carry such weapons, and it is concerning to hear that people were in possession of these blades which have the potential to inflict serious injury to others, as well as those carrying them.

“A large quantity of various drugs were also surrendered in the amnesty bins. The majority of the drugs surrendered were done so in small quantities. However, the most unsettling drug related item in the amnesty bin was found in a brown tub, which after testing indicates it may be MDMA. This is a Class A drug and this quantity has an estimated street value of around £1,800.

“These drugs have now been taken off of our streets and will no longer fall into the hands of vulnerable people within our communities.”

He added. “The collaboration between English Heritage, Wiltshire Police and all other relevant services is vital in supporting a successful event like Solstice and it is reassuring that the vast majority of people attended the event with the best intentions, but inevitably there is a very small percentage of people who choose to cast a shadow on events such as this and flout the law.”