A SALISBURY man who kicked a police officer in the head, whilst he tried to make an arrest in Salisbury city centre, has been jailed for six months.

Appearing at Winchester Crown Court yesterday, it was heard that on September 16, Jamie Jones, 30, of Carmelite Way, kicked PC Jamie Boyland three times in the head, as well as several times in the back, when he and a colleague attempted to detain a suspect.

PC Boyland then pressed his emergency button and back up quickly arrived.

However, as a result of the assault, the officer received concussion, bruising and cuts to his head and back pain.

Speaking about the incident, he said: “I remember the feeling of being hit in the back of the head three times - as well as this I remember being kicked to the upper and lower part of my back. This was not as painful as my body armour took most of the blows.

"The kicks to my head caused me to become very dizzy and all I could hear was ringing in my ears. My recollection of what happened following this was and still is very blurred as I received concussion injuries as a result of the blows to my head. I remember desperately trying to reach for my emergency button on my radio as I was being kicked.”

Inspector Pete Sparrow said: “I am pleased that Jones has been given a custodial sentence. This demonstrates that assaults on any emergency service workers will not be tolerated.

“Our officers are there to keep the public safe – it is despicable that while on duty, they should be subjected to such an horrendous attack.

“I am pleased that this officer has made a full recovery and has shown no lasting injury.”

Chief Constable Kier Pritchard added: “My staff work tirelessly to protect the public from situations which may involve threat, risk or harm and will often place themselves into harm’s way in order to undertake this duty. Despite this, and the protection they are afforded, it is my belief that being physically or verbally assaulted should never be tolerated or considered to be acceptable as part of their pubic duty.”

Wiltshire Police is also appealing to locate the second man involved in this incident, Darren Jones, aged 34, who was summoned to court for assaulting PC Boyland, but has failed to appear.

He is currently wanted on warrant, and his picture is attached to the story.

He is believed to be of no fixed abode but has links to Salisbury and Bournemouth.

Anybody with knowledge of his current whereabouts is asked to contact Wiltshire Police on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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