I READ with interest in last week's Salisbury Journal, the fine work carried out by 10 year old Rosie Price, who’s campaign has now resulted in the installation of a water fountain in Salisbury Market Place. Rosie is in good company for in 1939, a drinking fountain was erected on the land acquired by the Salisbury City Council adjacent to Old Sarum and known as Hudson’s Field.

Indeed, Alderman JC.Hudson would have delighted at seeing the magnificent spectacle of Salisbury citizens enjoying themselves at last weekend's Armed Forces Day. For it was under his will that Salisbury received a generous bequest which led to the land being kept “an open space for ever,” thus preventing any encroachment by building or otherwise, and preserving for the citizens a fine view of Old Sarum.

The shelter containing the water fountain has long since gone from Hudson’s Field as has a tablet that stated that a grant of one-third of the cost of the land was made under the will of Alderman JC Hudson, who was mayor 1926-27, and was keenly interested in preserving the natural beauty of the city and adding to its open spaces.

The tablet contained the following inscription: “This shelter and the 44 acres of land surrounding it were provided by the corporation to safeguard the view of Old Sarum, and as a place of recreation for the public. A grant of one-third was made by the executors under the will of Alderman J.C. Hudson, Mayor of this city.”

Hudson was also editor of the Salisbury Times and he took a great interest in all city affairs. Especially hard did he fight as chairman of the ancient buildings committee, and as a member of the town planning committee, to preserve the beauties of Salisbury and to save the city from any threatened modern ugliness.