APPLICATIONS for development to Wiltshire Council (South) received in week ending June 28:


19/05884/FUL – Wyndrina, Grimstead Road, Whaddon, SP5 3EE. Subdivision of plot and erection the erection of x1 detached 1.5 storey dwelling and associated access.


19/05830/FUL – 13 Earls Court Road, SP4 7LU. Construct additional floor above retail unit and form two self contained flats.

19/05912/FUL – Ancestor House, Solar Way, SP4 7SZ. Highway alterations to solar way including widening of highway access to unit 101 and plot 102 and installation of barriers and control unit island.

19/05935/FUL – Land at St Patricks House and Pennings View, Porton Road, Boscombe Down, SP4 7LL. Extension of Beverly Hills Mobile Home Park to accommodate five mobile homes.


19/05888/FUL – Pennyfarthing Cottage, 65 High Street, SP3 5QF. Erection of summerhouse to garden curtilage.


19/05970/FUL & 19/06133/LBC – Thatch Cottage, Lower Road, SP5 4DU. General refurbishment of cottage. Glazed link to single storey extension. Replacement garage. Replacement porch.


19/05489/VAR – Knighton Mill, Knighton Road, SP5 5DX. Variation of Condition 02 (plans list) and Condition 13 (finished floor levels and flood risk assessment) of planning permission 17/05957/FUL (demolition and

replacement of the single family dwelling) to enable lowered floor levels.


19/05835/FUL – 1 Hillside, SP2 0EL. Proposed first floor extension. Removing unused chimney by reducing height below roof level and tiling over. Replace garage roof with dual pitched roof. Replace cantilevered porch with self supporting oak framed porch.


19/04288/FUL – 105 Moot Lane, SP5 3LE. Single storey rear extension.

19/04657/FUL – Land Adj 2 Crossway Close, SP5 3HR. Proposed detached dwelling with double garage (Resubmission of 18/08827/FUL).

19/05972/FUL – Long Close Barn, Long Close, SP5 3HG. Demolition of existing detached garage building and replacement with new detached annex building on same footprint. The annex building is to contain a ground floor

workshop space and living area with a roof dormer containing 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.


19/05995/FUL – Spring Cottage, Underhill, SP3 6BS. Demolish existing lean-to and replace with two storey extension.

19/06057/LBC – Park Farm, SP3 6BB. Proposed alterations to dormer windows.


19/06047/FUL – 9 Firs Road, SP5 1SF. Addition of second storey to existing bungalow including raising a section of the roof and construction of glazed porch.


19/05943/CLE – Fovant Down, Poultry Farm, Fovant Road From Fifield Bavant, SP3 5LR. Stationing of residential mobile home.

19/05845/FUL – Chicksgrove Manor, Chicksgrove Road, Tisbury, SP3 6NA. Repair and refurbishment of existing Garden Cottage currently being used as ancillary accommodation to the main Manor House.


19/05743/FUL – Charmwood, The Avenue, Porton, SP4 0NT. Re-roof existing bungalow to form first floor accommodation with 2 velux, 4 dormers and gable entrance.


19/06058/FUL – 52 Saunders Avenue, Bishopdown, SP1 3PQ. Proposed single storey rear extension.


19/06093/FUL – 107 High Street, SP4 9PJ. Construction of timber framed garage / store with room over and lean to log store and associated works.


19/05824/OUT – Land south of Netherhampton Road, Salisbury. Mixed use development comprising of residential (Class C3) up to 640 dwellings, local centre (Class A1), primary school (1.8 ha), employment (2 ha) public open

space including country park (10 ha), landscaping, 2 vehicular accesses, estate roads including loop road in detail and associated infrastructure and landscaping.


19/06122/FUL – Camerice, Orcheston, SP3 4RL. Demolition of the existing dwelling and the erection of a 4-bedroom replacement dwelling, associated hard and soft landscaping works.


19/04830/ADV – Gala Clubs, Endless Street, SP1 1DP. 2 off internally illuminated sign boxes with backgrounds blocked out with lettering only illuminating 2 off non illuminated projecting signs.

19/05716/FUL – 79 Tollgate Road, SP1 2JP. Ground and first floor extension to side and rear of existing detached dwelling to create two No. 2 bed flats.

19/05762/FUL – Public Conveniences, Mill Stream Approach, SP1 3SL. Refurbishment of public toilets to direct access coin operated toilets to include 4 unisex and 2 accessible part M compliant cubicles. Entry system to be a mixture of coin/contactless and RADAR key.

19/05813/FUL – 5, 7, 9, 11 Romer Road, SP2 8EN. Installation of external wall insulation to MOD properties.

19/05850/FUL – The Malmesbury Arms, 83 Wilton Road, SP2 7HW. Installation of mechanical plant.

19/05851/FUL – The Malmesbury Arms, 83 Wilton Road, SP2 7HW. Installation of Retractable Bollards.

19/06052/FUL – 128 Devizes Road, SP2 7LT. Single storey rear extension.

19/06054/FUL – 18 Falcons Way, Harnham, SP2 8NR. Retrospective application for timber pergola on existing terrace situated on flat roof double garage.

19/06056/FUL – 2 Belle Vue Court, SP1 3YF. Proposed garage and store room.

19/06066/ADV – The Malmesbury Arms, 83 Wilton Road, SP2 7HW. Internally illuminated box fascia sign, fascia panel X2, projecting sign, store directory sign, promotional banner sign X3, Hello/Goodbye sign, disabled car park


19/06109/FUL – 29 Wordsworth Road, SP1 3BH. Extension above existing garage and internal alterations.


19/03585/FUL – Myrtle Hill, Rookery Lane, SP3 5NU. Extension and alterations to existing bungalow.


19/05534/FUL – Home Farm House, Humber Lane, SP9 7AQ. Construction of a combined stable and store.


19/05524/FUL – 6 Beckford Close, SP3 6QT. Single storey rear living/dining room extension and internal alterations, construct potting shed to rear of garage and timber summer house with garden.


19/04245/LBC – 69 North Street, SP2 0HH. Replacement front door.


19/05740/FUL – Summerfield House, Berwick Road, SP3 4TQ. Change of use from agriculture to agriculture and the stationing of a maximum of 25 tents for a maximum of 14 days in any calendar year.


19/05787/FUL – Hilltop Business Park, SP3 4UF. Single storey office extension linking the 2 separate office buildings together.