AROUND 100,000 people from around the world have signed up to watch the sky above Stonehenge, following the launch of a virtual viewing platform.

Skyscape invites visitors to enjoy the changing Stonehenge sky merely through a website, including the sunrise and sunset, and experience the virtual journey of the stars and the moon from within the stone circle.

Scientist and Sky at Night presenter, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, launched the website with English Heritage as part of the summer Solstice festivities in June, and told the Journal: “The magic of Skyscape is that it’s trying to give this sort of Solstice feeling to everyone across the world. We’re losing our contact with the night sky, not many people get to see views like this.”

Since the launch, around 100,000 people from 168 countries have watched the changing sky through their screen.

Dr Aderin-Pocock added: “[Scyscape is] very peaceful, it’s like you’re sitting in the middle of the stones and looking up at a gloriously clear night sky with the naked eye.

“Whatever the weather Skyscape will capture this and project it onto the stones.”

As well as the new website, English Heritage has launched a series of evening talks at Stonehenge, to encourage visitors to learn about the Neolithic Age and how relationships with the moon and sky began.

On Wednesday, Moon: Art, Science, Culture will explore the world’s fascination with the moon, presented by Dr Robert Massey and Dr Alexandra Loske, and on Wednesday, August 21, Susan Greaney and Stonehenge Curator Dr Heather Sebire will present The Upper World: How did Neolithic People relate to the skies?

And the lectures continue into autumn, as The Moon and Stonehenge talk takes place on Wednesday, September 18, by professor Clive Ruggles, and Ancient Astronomy: Megaliths, Landscapes and Cosmologies with professor Mike Edmunds will take place on Wednesday, October 16.

All lectures are free to attend, with the summer talks beginning at 8pm and the two autumn talks beginning at 7pm.

To use Skyscape visit the Skyscape website, or to reserve a place at one of the lectures call 0370 333 1183.