PLANS for 640 homes on the outskirts of Salisbury have finally been submitted, more than two years since they were announced.

The proposals, to build a new community on Netherhampton Road, have previously been met with concerns from locals, who are worried about the impact on traffic.

But despite this, developer Bovis Homes has presented an outline planning application to Wiltshire Council – which looks to gauge whether a ‘full’ application, with more detailed designs, would be accepted, before substantial costs are spent.

A decision, according to the authority’s planning website, is due to be made by September 13, with comments sought until July 25.

Salisbury Journal:

In Bovis’ Design and Assess Statement, it read: “The overall masterplan proposed within this document has evolved from the initial concept vision.

“The development provides a positive outlook to both streets and spaces creating a distinctive sense of place.”

As reported, the scheme earmarked for the land south of Netherhampton Road, also includes a primary school, a 10-hectare country park and a local centre, as well as two vehicle access points.

The plans were recently presented to residents earlier this year, as part of a community consultation.

But residents said they feared new housing will cause an “inevitable” increase in traffic through Harnham, due to its weak infrastructure.

However, they did agree that there was a need for new housing and the attraction of a country park would be a good thing for the area.

Salisbury Journal:

One Netherhampton Road resident who attended the consultation in St George’s Church said: “Personally I think it sounds a great idea, the site itself sounds fine, but during rush hour the traffic is just going to be ridiculous, especially when 400 plus kids are coming out of a school.

“It’s not a bad idea but you can’t just plonk something in the middle of a land and hope it works.”

And a resident from Montague Road added: “No one seems to be mentioning the horrendous queues that form on Wilton Road because that’s going to affect here as well.

“I feel sorry for all the people who live around here, I’ve known queues that stretch way past the infrastructure so how is housing going to avoid that getting worse?”

To give your views on the application, visit:, and quote reference 19/05824/OUT.