TRAVELLERS have moved onto the recreation ground in Fordingbridge.

Fordingbridge Town Council, who own the land, has been made aware of a number of caravans on the site and says it is working with other authorities including New Forest District Council to resolve the issue.

The matter was briefly discussed during the town council's meeting yesterday evening (Wednesday, July 3), which was held in the Victoria Rooms.

The chairman of the town council, Paul Anstey, said: "What's focused our attention this week is the Travellers and the use of the Rec. The council, the council office and our town clerk, has been in touch with all the relevant authorities and visited the site.

"The correct procedures to address this issue have been carried out in a timely manner. But now the legal process needs time to proceed and kick-in."

He added: "All that was required to be done by Fordingbridge Town Council has been carried out."

Councillor Diane Paton asked whether the council could consider installing a barrier at the recreation ground.

She said: "Are we in a position where we can look at putting a barrier there because we decide before not to do it but each time they come, it's been three times lately, the minimum cost is £450 each time they come plus the clearing up and all the hours it's taken.

"If we don't decide to do it now we could have another lot arriving."

The matter was not discussed further during the meeting as it was not on the agenda.