THE litter that is a regular feature of the A338 has returned.

The road, off the roundabout at the end of London Road, is frequently littered with clothes, shoes, and general rubbish, despite council attempts to keep the area litter-free.

Councillor Mike Hewitt, who represents Bourne and Woodford Valley, said it must be deliberate: "We don't know who is doing this, but if we did, we would prosecute. 

"Its costing so much money to the council to clear this up every time, esepcially when we have to close the road to do it."

He added: "Its clothes, beer cans, plastic bags, all sorts, and its impossible to clean it up sometimes."

It had been cleared earlier this year after regular complaints, with Winterbourne residents describing it as "disgusting".

In February, Wiltshire Council said litter costs council tax payers in Wiltshire over £2.5million a year, adding: "We could use this money to support key services if waste was disposed of properly."

It added: “The nature of this road means traffic management is necessary which can delay collection and increase the cost.

“If anyone has dash cam footage of littering from vehicles, please send it to us so we can investigate.

“Members of the public can also report highways issues using the MyWiltsApp and receive live updates on their report.”

The council have again been approached for comment.