A SUSPICIOUS incident relating to a fortune teller, shop break-in and theft from vehicles were reported to police in Fordingbridge last month.

A report presented to Fordingbridge Town Council said there were 54 incidents reported for June but only 22 were recordable as crime.

There were six reports of antisocial behaviour - three of which were of a mini moto being driven on public roads, one of a “loud house party” and another about an argument over a fence. Five reports of “violence against a person” were recorded - four of which were “domestic” incidents and one was an “intoxicated” 76-year-old attempting to go into the wrong flat and having to be “removed by force”.

There were no dwelling burglaries but there were two business burglaries - two where garden machinery was taken and one of a shop being broken into and £70 being stolen from a till.

Six thefts from motor vehicles were recorded. Four related to thefts of catalytic converters, one of a bag being stolen and another of a wheel being taken while the car was jacked up. Police also recorded six suspicious incidents.