Winston Churchill said 'We will never give in, we will fight in the fields, etc'.

We British regard ourselves as being of stern stuff.

A 640 house application described in the Journal was raised at a meeting of Harnhams' Neighbourhood Association. A very definite invasion of fields that provide the setting for our world famous cathedral.

It was therefore astonishing to hear from a city councillor that 'You cannot object to the planning application because it has not the status of a planning application'.

Oh yes it does. It is an outline application which, if approved, will compromise the current public application into the site. The public examination, I attended raised numerous questions about the very choice of this site as suitable. This can all be seen on the Wiltshire Council website specifically dedicated to the Wiltshire Housing Allocation Plan (WHSAP).

It is, some members of the public have said to me, 'bound to be approved.'

Oh no it is not.

Wiltshire Council have to consider it. They have no choice. It will be heard publicly and councillors CAN stop it. Initially the inspector set a framework of questions addressed to all Wiltshire WHSAP sites and they do raise real concern. The inspector is independent of Wiltshire Council.

He is appointed by the Secretary of State for Environment: also responsible for reducing carbon emissions; a not unconnected issue.

If you are concerned, and we have evidence of what impact this can have everywhere in Salisbury, namely the part closure of Harnham Bridge which caused massive congestion even beyond Alderbury. Evidence of this was heard at an open gathering at a standing-room-only meeting of Harnham Neighbourhood Council.

The planning application number is 19/05824/OUT, search on the Wiltshire Council website under 'planning applications'. No computer? How about using our excellent facility at Salisbury Library who would help you.

The closing date is very soon, July 25.

Your community needs you (to raise your evidence and concerns).

Gregor Condliffe