PUPILS at a Salisbury school created a film that was shown on the big screen last week. 

A Dent In Time was the work of Year Five pupils at Greentrees Primary School on Bishopdown Farm, and was a sequel to a film they made in Year Three. 

It follows heroes Mike, Ted, Ellie and their new friend Switch as they try to tackle a world without adults.

As they try to put things back to normal, the evil Vicky and her henchman do everything they can to stop the team from completing their task.

The children got to see their film on the big screen at the Salisbury Odeon last week, on Thursday July 11. 

Salisbury Journal:

Class teacher Sam Thomas said: "We had a really successful project with this group two years ago and when we got a chance, we couldn’t pass us the opportunity to create a sequel to our original film.

"With the help of FrOGs (our Parent Teacher Association) we have managed to buy all new equipment to produce this one. 

"The children have been so enthusiastic about learning new skills and understanding that films are much more than just the actors on screen."

Aidan, 10, plays the character Ted in the film, and said: "I enjoyed spending time making it during school (not doing Maths).

"The character I play is the funny one so that was fun to do and I think I’m the one that everyone will like after the film."

Marta, 10, part of the marketing team, said: "I really liked organising the tickets and creating ideas for their design. It’s exciting to go to the cinema too!"