A SECOND dog has been found locked in a hot car in Salisbury, this time at the hospital.

On, July 16 at around 4.30pm, a member of the public reported to Salisbury Police that a dog had been left in a hot car for an hour at Salisbury District Hospital.

Officers arrived and noticed that the parking ticket had been issued at midday.

The windows were open slightly but not enough and the dog had no water.

Officers were able to open the door and took the dog to Endell Vets.

Fortunately the dog was okay.

A statement from the police said: "We caught up with the owners who stated that their appointment at the hospital had overrun.

"Strong advice was given and they collected the dog.

"Make safe arrangements for your dog's welfare, don't make them suffer in a hot car whilst you go to appointments or shopping."

It comes after police rescued a brown Labrador from a car parked in Middle Street on Sunday.

He had no ventilation and the owners had been gone for some time.

Officers smashed the window, gave him water and took him to a local vets.