THE Wizard of Oz is coming to Salisbury, complete with around 60 young performers, more than 100 costumes and a real dog.

And Presented by Stage 65 Youth Theatre and Jigsaw Dance Company, this adaptation of the classic tale will have an environmental focus - with the majority of the set generated from recycled or second-hand materials.

“It’s a new way of presenting the story, we have honoured things everyone knows but given the show a new identity and look,” explains Bronia Housman, set and costume designer for the production.

“I’ve tried to recycle everything on stage, or use repurposed or second hand items, and I think other designers are becoming more aware of working in this way as well. Some things can be tough, tricky to do in a recycled way, but you don’t really want to be putting everything straight in the bin.”

Scaffolding, pipes, mirror and plastic are just some of the materials used by the team, in order to make a variety of costumes and props for the cast.

Bronia added: “People want a fresh and beautiful set, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new every time - we need to find balance and not just use virgin materials.”

The designer said it has been “fabulous” working with the youth theatre, adding: “It is such a privilege to witness their first experiences of theatre and see the extension of their abilities.

“Expect surprises, a little bit of magic, glitter and songs we all know and love.”

The show will be running in the Main House at Salisbury Playhouse between August 7 and 10. For more information visit the Wiltshire Creative website.