MORE than 750 new council houses could be built across Wiltshire to give households extra support to pay for housing.

The social rent houses will be rented out at less than half of the cost charged by private landlords.

There are currently 3286 families on waiting lists for houses in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Council revealed plans for the extra 750 houses today, as part of the third phase of council house building it intends to do.

Phase one saw 190 homes built, and phase two is now underway, with £9.48m set aside to build 49 homes across the county.

Each has been deemed to be ‘affordable’ homes, for people to either buy through a shared ownership scheme or reduced rent at 80 per cent typically charged by private landlords.

While affordable homes help some people with the costs, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for housing Richard Clewer has a vision to build social rent housing to give the most vulnerable people help. Social rent tenants pay 49 per cent of the normal rent of the home.

Cllr Clewer said: “Social rent really helps people who are struggling and unable to deal with the costs of housing.

“Most of our current stock of housing is social rent and I will be delighted if we are able to build most of our future council house at social rent as well.

“If we can get the subsidy we will use it.

“Phase three will be a very significant addition of housing units as we will also be looking at building social rent homes. We believe we can get a grant from Homes England.”

The Council has also earmarked £27k of cash raised through selling offold council houses to pay for new social housing.

In the past the council has missed out on the funding by not spending Right to Buy receipts in time.

Right to Buy receipts is cash raised by selling off old council housing, but it must be spent within a time frame.