SALISBURY is one of the most accessible cities in the UK for wheelchair users.

According to the latest research from holiday rental search engine, HomeToGo, Salisbury is the 15th city with the most wheelchair-accessible accommodation, with 8.98 per cent of holiday rentals in the city identifying as such.

And Stonehenge has made it onto the Revitalise accessible tourism report, deemed the most accessible attraction in Wiltshire and the 49th most accessible in the UK.

Director of inbound marketing for HomeToGo, Michael Lee, said: “We know that holidays can sometimes require more planning for travellers who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments.

“It’s surprising to see how much variation there is between different cities when it comes to accessible accommodation.

"We are happy to highlight destinations like Salisbury which are paving the way for accessible holidays, and we hope this research will inspire more people to visit.”

Topping the website's accessibility chart is Newport, followed by cities including Durham, Truro, Preston, York, Chester and St. Davids.

David Andrews, chief executive of VisitWiltshire, said: “We’re pleased to hear that Salisbury is among the top UK cities providing suitable wheelchair-accessible holiday rentals.

“It’s important that cities and holiday rental providers consider safety and accessibility alongside design, and ensure that they have the appropriate facilities available to accommodate people at all ranges of mobility.

“Salisbury offers a great welcome to all visitors.”