A FETE organised by Extinction Rebellion Salisbury was held on Sunday, raising awareness about the city's recently declared climate emergency.

Information about Planet Crisis, rebel gardening, eco bricking, wildlife and more was available throughout the afternoon at Guildhall Square, to educate visitors about climate change and how to help the protest group.

A people's assembly took place at midday, inviting the public to debate which three issues the city should focus on and prioritise to address climate change concerns.

And a community- exchange stall was also on hand, encouraging visitors to swap clothes, seeds and books.

Di Cross, from the fete's Paint Central stall, said: "The block printing stall was busy all day, with many people repurposing unwanted T-shirts - some from the clothes swap stall - and bits of fabric with XR logos and graphics.

"[There were] some truly artistic creations from both young and old - and lots of fun on both sides of the table. It was great to be part of it and the tremendous community spirit around the square all day."

Around 70 packets of seeds were taken home from the fete, and blue hearts were made from upcycled scrap, designed to be hung to raise further awareness about the declared climate emergency.

Activities during the fete included a samba workshop with Sixpenny Handey Collective, yoga, tai chi and a collective birdsong experience.

Mike D'Apice, from the Planet in Crisis stand, added: "At present, to have a 50 per cent chance of staying below the UN’s 'safe' target of a 1.5°C rise in global average temperature, when already at +1°C, at current global rates of consumption we have 12 years left.

"Without massive changes to the way that we do things on a national to international scale it seems that we are all going to find out what happens when we exceed the 'safe' target and enter an unsafe world."