A RACCOON has had to be put down after being found on the A338 just south of Salisbury. 

The Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital said on Facebook that they received a call from a member of public who spotted the injured animal on the road, and initially thought it was cat.

The post continued: "To her amazement it wasn't a cat or a badger or fox ...it had a stripy ringed tail and was still alive.

"We drove as quickly and safely to the spot, crossing the road very cautiously it became clear it was in fact a badly injured raccoon." 

The hospital told the Journal is it the first time they have ever found a raccoon. 

The raccoon was then taken to Anton Vets in Andover. 

Once the animal was under sedation it was discovered that he had sustained two broken legs, and an eye injury. 

The decision was then made to put the raccoon to sleep.

Anyone on the south side of Salisbury known to have been an owner of a raccoon should get in touch with the Wildlife Hospital.