TWO teens were arrested yesterday on suspicion of theft of two bikes.

The youths, aged 13 and 14, stole two locked bicycles valued at more than £700 from Windsor Street in Salisbury.

The two suspects and the bikes were then spotted at the Skate Park in Southampton Road.

Following the sighting, the police were called immediately.

Officers from Team 2 quickly responded and were able to apprehend the two youths, who were riding the bikes.

They were taken to Melksham custody and later released under investigation.

Insp Pete Sparrow, from the community policing team, said: “This was a great example of timely information being provided by the public allowing for a quick, and positive, response from our officers - which has resulted in two valuable bikes being recovered to their owner.

“Our advice is that at no time should a cycle be left unattended unless it is locked up. Whilst on this occasion the cycles were locked, every effort should be made by owners to thwart the activities of a would-be-thief - and this starts with a lock.

“We would also encourage owners to gather identifiable information about their cycles, as all too often limited information is provided to police at point of loss, making recovery and re-uniting them with their owner very difficult.

"We will continue with our pulse patrols in the area over the summer and cycle activity will form a focus of those patrols, both in terms of ASB and thefts.”

Two bikes have been recovered.