AN AMESBURY resident is aiming to raise £1,200, in hopes to build a cat shelter in her back garden.

Marnie Buckland recently set up the Facebook page Cat Watch - Wiltshire to help residents across the county locate lost or neglected felines.

Following the popularity of the page Marnie has recruited volunteers to help run the page, and now wants to build a shelter at her home that can temporarily hold lost cats, until their owners are found.

"I just want to help people locate their cats, whether good or bad news, finding out what has happened to your cat still gives that closure," she explains.

"I didn't realise how many cat lovers were out there, and it just breaks my heart when I can't help unite a cat with their owner. This page has helped create good stories, raise awareness and just help people, and the shelter will help one step more."

The money raised will cover the ordering and installation of the shelter, as well as helping cover amenities including electricity and heating.

Already owning 15 cats, most of them rescued, with the new shelter Marnie would be able to accommodate around two more.

She added: "My garden is huge which is just wonderful for animals.

"The shelter would be like a shed split into two runs for two cats, just until we can locate their owners. Hopefully over time we'll be able to add to the shelter as well."

So far around £500 has been raised, and Marnie is "shocked" with the reaction to her cause.

She added: "It shows how much everyone cares and it's just lovely. The response has been utterly amazing and I wasn't expecting it from everyone. It's exciting to see where this fundraising will go."

For more information and to donate visit Marnie's fundraising page.