NEO-Nazi rituals are being carried out at National Trust sites in Wiltshire, an investigation has uncovered.

Taking place at the stone circle in Avebury, far-right group Woden’s Folk has vowed to “take back” ancient locations across England.

The group promises followers they will be rewarded "in the afterlife" if they die in the “struggle for the freedom”.

Neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18 and the now-banned terror organisation National Action are just some to attend the group’s rituals at the landmarks.

Following an investigation by The Daily Telegraph, the Trust said it was aware that far-right groups had been using Avebury to carry out rituals and had reported all concerns to the police.

The trust said it did not “condone, support or encourage any non-peaceful, antisocial or illegal activities at any of our places” but it would “not be feasible to fence the stones off " at Avebury to improve safety.